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Welcome to Mrs. Bennison's Class


                                                                                                                September 5, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another great year of learning at St. Alexander School!

I am pleased to be your child’s teacher this year! The first few weeks of school are used to get to know each other. I will observe and assess each student’s strengths and needs both academically and socially.

Students will bring home a folder with school information and forms. Please return all forms to the school as soon as possible. The interest survey is very important. We follow the Ontario curriculum; however, if I know your child’s interests, I can sometimes build in a special theme and activities into our schedule. For example, one year we had a week of Elvis sightings, another time Pokemon week, Stanley Cup week, and celebrations for First Communion and Reconciliation. Your child’s interests and special milestones are important to me- so please jot a note in the agenda or give me a quick call to keep me in the loop.

Please provide me with permission to take photographs and media recordings of your child (part of the school enrollment form). I do not post student images on our school website but I will post pictures and videos to our Google Classroom. Please do not re-post these images to social media. We use many forms of media in teaching and often display your child’s picture on the hallway bulletin board. Let me know if you have any concerns about this.

The following is a list of school supplies that would be helpful in Grade 2/3. There is no rush to purchase all of these supplies.  I have provided each child with their own pencil case, 2 pencils, eraser and chair bag. We have a large supply of crayons, markers, highlighters, and pencils that the children can share for the first few months of school. Please label all supplies with your child’s name.

Helpful supplies for Grade 2/3:

  • Four boxes of Kleenex for the year but please send in extra when your child has a cold
  • A water bottle with a non-leak top to leave at school and to bring home to wash
  • A set of markers, crayons, and pencil crayons
  • Pencils (we will need lots throughout the year, just send in a few to start)
  • White erasers
  • Small pencil sharpener
  • A pair of indoor running shoes to leave at school (please label with your child’s first name)
  • **Glue sticks (we use about one each month) ** most important school supply for Grade 2
  • A back pack (please label with student’s name)
  • Lunch kit (please label with student’s name)
  • Old t-shirt or art apron (label with student’s name)
  • An extra set of clothes in case of lunch spills or accidents. Please store in a ziplock bag and label with student’s name. Extra pair of socks and mittens would be helpful in the winter
  • A set of headphones in a labelled ziplock bag
  • one package of Hilroy exercise books

**Please DO NOT send scissors, compasses, or rulers. I have a class set that I hand out to the students when required. If you have already purchased these items do not send them in. You can save them for next year. 

Toys are not allowed in class. Please do not send toys to school as they can be broken, taken by other students, and lost. An exception to this rule can be made by first giving me a phone call. Throughout the year we will have special days when students can bring in personal items to share. However, please refrain from sending in toys and collectibles such as trading cards.

Homework is posted on our class website. Homework usually consists of ten words to read and spell, a mathematics practise sheet and occasional assignments. Although it rarely occurs, students who consistently do not complete in-class work will have to take their incomplete work home to finish.

If you are unable to do homework with your child, please let me know so I can provide extra support during stations time, at recess break, at lunch, or after school. Having worked many evening and twelve-hour shifts in my past career, I understand that homework can sometimes be difficult for families.

If your child has an individualized education plan (IEP), be aware that not all homework may be suitable for them to complete. Personalized homework for IEP students may be provided upon request.

We use the school agenda each day for parent-teacher communications. The agendas cost $10 each. Please pay by cash on-line. Cheques are no longer accepted. I will initial the agenda each morning. Jot me a note in the agenda if you are picking your child up during the day or after school. Students are responsible for bringing their agenda to and from home every school day.

Please remember that we are a peanut-free and scent-free (perfumes, fragrances) school.

I sometimes send home a small Dollar Store-type toy or peanut-free treat. Please let me know if you do not want your child to receive rewards. Sometimes we cook at school or will eat a special food for a celebration (about ten times per school year). I usually send home a notice or permission form for special events when food and drink will be served. Check your child’s agenda each day for these notices.

Mrs. Shago will be teaching Music, Dance, and Physical Education, and Mr. Fisher will be teaching NSL.

I am looking forward to meeting you! I encourage you to make an appointment to see me to discuss any concerns. It is best to give me a call at the school after 3:00 p.m. to set up a time to meet.

Many thanks for completing the forms and for taking the time to read this newsletter!

Mrs. Bennison