Safety and Security of All

With the intention of providing a safe and secure environment for all members of our school community, a number of policies are in place at St. Alexander School.

All doors in the school will be kept locked.  Please ring the bell at the front door to gain entry.  We will continue to focus on Board Policy that all visitors who enter the school (parents, caregivers, guests etc.) must report to the office. A Visitors Log has been put in place

for this purpose and a Visitor's Badge is to be obtained if you need to go beyond the office for meetings.

To facilitate this process, please use the front door, not the side or back doors when coming or exiting the school.  Please note that the "visitors rule" applies to parent visits to the playground when recesses are taking place.  Please avoid walking directly into the playground to speak to your child since many teachers and children do not know you.

Please help reduce safety risks and confusion.  Please remember, lunches and supplies may be left at the office rather than disturbing a class in session.

There is no parking or drive through at the front of the school at entry and dismissal times.