Director Letter to NPSC Community May 22 2020

Director Letter to NPSC Community May 22 2020
Posted on 05/22/2020
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Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

As you may already be aware, on May 19, 2020 the Minister of Education announced that all publicly funded schools in Ontario will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  Please see the information below to learn more about what this decision means for the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board. We will continue to share information with you as we learn more about how this will impact us locally and going forward.

Student access to schools
We recognize many families are awaiting details about when it will be possible to retrieve their child’s belongings. There will be an opportunity for the retrieval of student belongings in the very near future.

The Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board is in the process of working with our staff as well as provincial and local health officials to develop a protocol for students and/or their family members to safely retrieve student belongings from their schools.

We understand this matter is of great importance to students and their families and we will be providing more details as soon as possible. Please continue to stay in touch with your school principal and continue to check Edsby for the most up to date information.

Although we have shared this information in previous communications, we feel it is important that students and parents are reassured that during this time of remote learning, educators and our system as a whole are looking for ways to support student success and growth.

We recognize there are many factors that impact student learning and achievement during this time.  Our educators understand the challenging and complex circumstances many of our families find themselves in, and will assess and evaluate student learning, with great care, flexibility, understanding and compassion.

A reminder that all students will receive an end of year report card in June, reflecting work completed until March 13, 2020.  Evidence of improvement in learning during the closure period will also be taken into consideration by the teacher when assigning a final grade in a subject area. Teachers will continue to engage and support every learner and build upon their success, providing opportunities for continued growth and improvement prior to final report cards in June. We strongly encourage students to stay connected and engaged during the remainder of the school year.

Families may be concerned about the learning gaps that may form during this time of remote learning.  When schools reopen, we will be intentional in understanding the learning needs of each student and provide appropriate intervention where needed.
Summer Learning
The Ministry of Education is working with school boards and organizations across the province to support an expanded offering of summer learning opportunities. This plan will focus on programs that support student learning through the summer with a focus on course upgrading, gap-closing programs, and school readiness programs.

This plan will be flexible to accommodate both remote and face-to-face learning, pending emergency measures through the summer.

While summer learning opportunities are voluntary for students, we hope that many students will take advantage of the opportunity to continue their learning throughout the summer.

Further details will be provided in the coming weeks.

Graduation Ceremonies
All schools have begun planning for end-of-year recognition of the achievements of graduating students, in ways that keep in mind the health and safety guidelines outlined by provincial and local health authorities.  Principals will be communicating information about how schools will be commemorating these special milestones with students and their families in the near future.

Stay connected
Our priority is to continue to focus on the health and well-being of students, staff and families, to engage students and support learning at home.

Families are encouraged to continue to visit the NPSC Learn at Home website for resources to help support students in their learning at home.  Please continue to check your Edsby pages and our Facebook (/NPSCDSB), Twitter (@npsc_schools) and Instagram (@npsc_schools) pages for the most recent information and updates from the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board.

We also want to reassure families that we are planning as best we can for the eventual return to school.  While there are many details that remain unknown at this time, we will continue to work in close partnership with provincial and local health officials, the Ministry of Education, as well as our colleagues across the province to ensure that the appropriate health and safety measures are in place. We will continue to communicate with you as more detailed information becomes available.

Finally, our entire NPSC team wishes to thank our families, staff and school communities for your collective courage, creativity and compassion as we navigate these unique times together.  We are truly blessed to have you all as our partners in Catholic education during this time. We continue to keep you all in our prayers as we prepare for the end of this school year and for the months that follow.

Please continue to keep in touch and take good care.


Anna Marie Bitonti
Director of Education