Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to St. Alexander School!

We are so excited to have our newest students join our school community this September! This is an exciting time for our youngest learners and we are so happy to share this new adventure with them!

Kindergarten Orientation Session for September 2025

Please join us on date & time to be confirmed  for our Kindergarten Orientation session.  If you are unable to attend or if you would like to review the information that was shared, please contact the school.

Welcome to Kindergarten Bags and Activities

When you register your child for kindergarten, the school principal will arrange for your child to receive a welcome to kindergarten gift bag, which includes a variety of resources to help get your child ready for school, including scissors, Playdough and more! The Learning Partnership is a great place to find activities that use these resources to prepare children for starting school in September. This Early Learning Activity Book is also another valuable resource.

WTK Bags

Riding the Bus

Another exciting part of starting kindergarten, is riding the bus! Check out this video that covers all the important parts of riding the bus for the first time! 

Buzzy the Bee also has some fun activities to help you remember these important lessons!

School Bus Image

Getting Ready to Learn

In Kindergarten we learn through play. Inquiry is at the heart of our learning, and kindergarten classrooms are designed to encourage curiosity and wonder. This is called experiential learning. Below are a few questions you can ask your child when doing chores, while playing outside or at the dinner table to encourage your child to develop their curiosity and articulate their learning:

Tell me about what you built, made, created...
Tell me about what you saw...

How would we/you find that out?
How did you...?
How would that...?
How did you feel when you finished it?
How do you explain it?
Why do you think...?
What do you notice about...?
What do you think?
What would happen if...?
What did you see happening?
What do you predict will happen?
What can we do to make it work?

This document, Kindergarten and Experiential Learning, is a resource for parents to learn more about experiential learning and ways caregivers can encourage this engagement at home.

Community Resources:

There are many community resources available to assist students enrolled at our school including: